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about us
In the name of the Creator of Beauty

Marriage can be said to be one of the most enduring memories of any human life, and every girl and boy has been dreaming of that night for many years and living those dreamsWhen the event arrives because of false emotions and stresses, those dreams are often forgotten, and in the end, despite the unnecessary expense, the dreams come true

The reasons for such incidents can be lack of experience, stress and excitement in families, unnecessary attention to trivial things and most importantly lack of attention to subtle points and respectful comments of the bride and groom and their close relatives or even guests

The Taj Mahal Garden Institute with over 20 years of experience in wedding, wedding, as well as various conferences gives your loved ones the assurance that what you want will come true and that this unforgettable memory will come to your mind and your loved ones. You will register

Garden Institute Crown Hall

Using the finest in food, the layout and design of the restaurant will try to be the best organizer of your loved ones’ parties and banquets

We are proud to host your dear guests with a variety of services

Make your dreams come true and experience the blend of beauty in a memorable night by stepping where you deserve

A night that refreshes your memories every moment

Featuring private gardens, a dedicated professional studio, a professional kitchen with European chefs, Iranian and Persian cuisine and